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    Since 1987, Jet Worldwide has been serving the community with domestic and international courier services and transport logistics. The continued growth of the company comes thanks to a commitment to personalised
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    At our site we like to keep people informed about new products via this news site. You will see various news items from this menu which will be updated. Check back regularly for updates. Sign up as a member to see the newsletter.
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    Our goal is to ensure the fastest possible transportation of your important documents, parcels and freight within Australia, New Zealand and around the World. Because of our comprehensive experience and proven expertise in all aspects of transport are flexible enough to provide a personal and cost effective service to all
    • Priority Service

      Priority Courier Service, Express Delivery Services
    • International Air Freight Service

      Jet Worldwide's international air freight service is our most economical international delivery option for heavy shipments. It offers you the benefits of our air freight services at a reduced cost, making it suitable for non-urgent freight that weighs 100 kilograms or more. Importing or exporting heavy shipments by air can
    • International Express Service

      An express courier service at an everyday price. Our International Express Courier Service is one of our fastest options for import and export requirements to just about every country in the world. When your shipments need to get there in a hurry, our Express Courier Service is the way to
    • International Next Flight

      When the urgency of your shipment is of the utmost importance, you can count on Jet Worldwide to have the global reach necessary to deliver your shipment as quickly as possible. Our International Next Flight Courier Service is our fastest method for delivering consignments anywhere in the world. Our International
    • Personalised Service

      We engage the services of some of the biggest courier companies in the world to handle our customer's needs for everything from international and domestic express couriers, to international air freight and overnight domestic freight. As a customer of ours, you inherit the benefit of their size, reliability and technology
    • International Economy Service

      For a delivery method that is both quick and cost-effective, our Economy Courier Service is the ideal solution for importing or exporting medium weight shipments that are not urgent. When you want the best of both worlds, speed and low cost, try our Economy Courier Service. Faster than International Air
    • Logistics and Warehousing

      Short on storage space for your products? Need a reliable domestic and international courier services company to distribute your goods across the country or across the world? Let us do it for you. Jet Worldwide truly offers more than most other courier companies. Our Warehousing and Logistics solution is designed
    • Domestic Services

      Jet Worldwide offers three distinct domestic delivery options in order to best meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you require a Same Day Courier for extremely urgent deliveries, an Express Courier for overnight deliveries or a Domestic Freight service for non-urgent deliveries, we have a solution for your
    • Additional Services

      Insurance Jet Worldwide offers comprehensive insurance to give you peace of mind when shipping valuable or fragile goods. In addition to the standard industry liability coverage for your express courier packages, international air freight and domestic freight, we offer financial protection against the risk of loss or damage of your
    • Terms and Conditions of Carriage

      DEFINITIONS. The following definitions apply to the terms and conditions set out below that govern this contract of carriage between you and us. "we", "us" and "our" means subsidiaries, affiliates of Jet Worldwide (Aust) Pty Ltd or Jet Worldwide (NZ) Ltd and their respective employees, agents and independent contractors; "you"
  • Shipping Tools

    Jet Worldwide provides all the help you need to prepare express couriers, domestic freight and international air freight shipments for delivery. Whether you need satchels to carry your shipments or need to download templates of courier documents, you will find all the tools right here on our website. We also
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    • Surcharges

      Fuel - Invoice Component The current volatility of world crude oil prices has resulted in increased costs for the air freight industry and courier services worldwide. This has necessitated the need to introduce an indexed fuel component as part of our invoice. The component will rise, fall or be removed
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      Weight Calculations - Jet Worldwide
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      Prohibited Items
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    Service Directory
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    Dear Jet, We had a situation where an important document was sent to Chicago. The document was from our Treasury Department and was time sensitive. Due to the time difference there were a few delays with the confirmation of delivery before COB Friday. What was outstanding was that one of