International Air Freight Service

Jet Worldwide's international air freight service is our most economical international delivery option for heavy shipments. It offers you the benefits of our air freight services at a reduced cost, making it suitable for non-urgent freight that weighs 100 kilograms or more.

Importing or exporting heavy shipments by air can be expensive, but Jet Worldwide's International Air Freight services provide a cost-effective solution that out-performs any sea courier. This door-to-door delivery of your freight will ensure that your shipment arrives faster than sea freight, but at substantial cost savings compared with our economy and express international courier services.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Suit Your Requirements

International Air Freight Service

Jet Worldwide's international air freight delivery is priced to suit heavier shipments that are around 100 kilograms or more, including bulk documents and non-document goods. If your heavy shipments are not time-sensitive then our international air freight option will provide a cheaper alternative to our economy courier services. The slightly longer transit time gives us the opportunity to send your shipment over the most cost-effective route, which enables us to provide you with an international air freight service at a very attractive price.

A Global Company with Local Service

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team to learn more about the unique and flexible options offered by Jet Worldwide. We offer our customers the attention and care of a local company with the same global reach of international courier companies.