Personalised Service

We engage the services of some of the biggest courier companies in the world to handle our customer's needs for everything from international and domestic express couriers, to international air freight and overnight domestic freight. As a customer of ours, you inherit the benefit of their size, reliability and technology without having to deal with them directly. And from a customer service perspective, that can sometimes be frustrating.

That is where Jet Worldwide comes to the fore. We bridge the gap between you and the biggest courier companies in the world. They enable us to provide you with a world-class domestic and international courier services while we provide a world-class customer support. No matter what size company you are, we provide a level of care and attention that you just could not get from a large multi-national company.

The Team that Makes the Difference

At Jet Worldwide, we care.

Our team is located in Australia and are ready to take your call anytime during our extended business hours. We do not use automated answering systems and our service policy ensures that your call will be answered within three rings. We know that personalised customer service is the key to our success so we strive to improve it wherever possible. Our team members are cross-trained in all areas of customer service so in most cases, the person that answers the phone is the person that answers your query.

Our buying power with our suppliers entitles us to their highest level of customer service and the most up-to-date tracking data that is available for their express couriers, their international air freight and their overnight domestic freight services. We pass these benefits onto you, and that is just the start.

Personalised Courier Service

When it comes to advice, assistance and problem solving, you will be pleasantly surprised to find just how helpful our team can be.

We are proud of our customer service team and we know it is what separates us from other courier companies. At Jet Worldwide, going the extra mile is just part of the job.

Working for You

When you have specific requirements from express couriers or international air freight/domestic freight companies, our team is on-call waiting to answer your questions and deliver you a fast response to meet your needs.