Dear Jet,

We had a situation where an important document was sent to Chicago. The document was from our Treasury Department and was time sensitive. Due to the time difference there were a few delays with the confirmation of delivery before COB Friday.

What was outstanding was that one of your Customer Service team followed up on the issue over the weekend and maintained contact with myself and the Treasury Department and eventually confirmed its receipt. This was above and beyond our expectation.

Many thanks to you and the team there.

- [Name withheld]

Dear [Customer Service Manager],

I would just like to pass on my sincere thanks to you and your team for your exceptional help this year. Despite us being a relatively small customer of yours, we have enjoyed your high level of support and assistance. Our success depends largely on our ability to deliver products on time and while we understand that delays can happen, it has been refreshing to deal with a courier company whose customer service team is as passionate about rectifying delivery problems as we are.

Best regards,

- [Name withheld]