Additional Services


Jet Worldwide offers comprehensive insurance to give you peace of mind when shipping valuable or fragile goods. In addition to the standard industry liability coverage for your express courier packages, international air freight and domestic freight, we offer financial protection against the risk of loss or damage of your shipment from almost any external cause.

For more information about insurance options for our domestic freight, international air freight services or Express Courier services, call us today to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Additional Courier Service


Jet Worldwide has a range of satchels that will ensure your express shipment arrives in the same condition that you sent it.

Our small satchels are ideal for A4 documents and small items, while our large satchels can accommodate A3 documents and larger non-documents. All satchels are made from a tear-proof, weather-proof material that will protect your shipments during its journey.

Jet Worldwide is one of the few courier companies that provide satchels to its customers free of charge. Click here to order a supply of satchels or phone our customer service team for advice on how best to pack and ship your consignments.