Shipping Tools

Jet Worldwide provides all the help you need to prepare express couriers, domestic freight and international air freight shipments for delivery. Whether you need satchels to carry your shipments or need to download templates of courier documents, you will find all the tools right here on our website.

We also make it easy for you to calculate the weight of bulky shipments with our online weight calculator. And as always, if you need further assistance regarding any of our domestic or international courier services, please contact our friendly customer service team and they will be happy to help you in any way they can.

  • Order Supplies - Jet Worldwide provides tear-proof, weather-proof satchels to protect your shipments while in transit. We offer two sizes of satchels. The smaller are sized to accommodate A4 documents and small goods while the larger will take A3 documents and large goods. Both satchels have a clear plastic pocket in which you can place any courier documentation that you may need to send with your consignment.

    We also supply clear plastic pockets that adhere to consignments that are not sent in a Jet Worldwide satchel.

    To place an order for supplies, please visit our ordering page and we will dispatch them to you as soon as possible.

  • Shipment Forms - Jet Worldwide supplies document templates that you may find useful when sending a consignment. After downloading a form, please print and complete it before authorising it with your signature and emailing or faxing it back to our customer service team.
    • Authority to Leave Form - If Jet Worldwide attempts to deliver a consignment and there is nobody available to receive it, we will seek your instructions on how to proceed. If you are happy for the delivery driver to leave the consignment at the destination address, you will need to complete an Authority to Leave form. The form allows you to specify where the driver should leave the consignment so that it is available for the recipient to collect when they return.
    • Authority to Redirect Form - Sometimes you may need to change the delivery address of a consignment that you have sent. If a shipment is in the process of being delivered and you need to change the delivery address, simply download and complete the Authority to Redirect form. Complete and return the form to our customer service team who will ensure that the consignment is delivered to the alternate address, according to your instructions.
    • Customs Declaration - Every non-document that is sent to an international destination must be accompanied by a Customs Declaration. This form declares to customs exactly what is being sent. Customs use this information to determine if the goods are permitted to enter the country and if any import duties are applicable. Providing complete and accurate information on this form will facilitate the fastest possible clearance of your goods through customs. For information on how to prepare a Customs declaration, refer to our FAQ section. Alternatively, Jet Worldwide makes it easy for you to supply this information by providing a Customs Declaration template that you can download and complete. Supply two copies of the completed declaration in the clear plastic pocket on your satchel or in an adhesive pocket stuck to the outside of your packed consignment. If you require satchels or adhesive pockets, please refer to our Order Supplies page.
    • Third Party Collection Request - Occasionally, to facilitate the fastest possible processing of your consignment, Jet Worldwide may use the services of another courier company to perform the pickup and delivery. In this instance, it is necessary to complete a "Third Party Collection Request". Use this form to provide all of the consignment details and return to our customer service team. They will create the appropriate consignment note and email back to you. Simply attach that connote to your consignment and we will arrange for the courier to collect it and process it for delivery.
  • Weight Calculations - When sending large or bulky items, the chargeable weight of the shipment can sometimes be determined by its dimensions. The chargeable weight of a shipment is the greater of the 'actual weight' and the 'volumetric weight'

    The actual weight is determined by weighing the shipment on scales. The volumetric weight is determined by the formulas below. Note that there are different formulas for domestic and international shipments.

    For International Shipments, the volumetric weight (in Kgs) is determined by:

    ( Length (cm) x Width(cm) x Height(cm) ) / 5000

    Eg: (40cm x 30cm x 20cm) / 5000 = 4.8 kgs

    For Domestic Shipments, the volumetric weight (in Kgs) is determined by:

    ( Length (cm) x Width(cm) x Height(cm) ) / 4000

    Eg: (40cm x 30cm x 20cm) / 4000 = 6.0 kgs

    Jet Worldwide has an online weight calculator that makes calculating the volumetric weight simple. Simply measure the outside dimensions of your consignment and enter the values into the calculator to determine the volumetric weight.